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Only Speaking Program

Are you fed up with learning grammar and doing boring exercises? Are you following all the rules strictly but can’t see any results? Can you understand but can’t express yourself? Does it seem impossible for you to be fluent? Do you bear your friend a grudge just because his English is better than yours? Then my “Only Speaking program is for you!


General English face-to-face CLASSES

Our General English courses are designed to improve your English language skills and give you more professional and academic options in the future.



The online English courses we provide have it all: they are flexible, effective, and deliver real and lasting progress. You can participate in online English lessons whenever and wherever you want. The best way to learn a language is to speak, speak, speak.


What My Students Say?

After so many years of participation in different kinds of English language courses and still not feeling good enough to speak fluently, I felt so lucky to meet Intizar Mehdi and study British English with her. Even in the beginning of the course we all noticed significant improvement in our speech and spelling skills. That was the big motivation for me. It also has to be noted out that our tutor has individual approach to each student, so everyone in the room felt present. Intizar is professional and good skilled turor with effective methods of teaching.
Khatin Mammadova
Architect & Interior Designer
Intizar Mehdi is an excellent teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve.
Adam Cheise
DevOps Engineer
İntizar mənim tanıdığım ən yaxşı ingilis dili aksentinə sahib tutordur. Güclü biliyi, axıcı danışıq qabiliyyəti və metodiki bacarıqları ilə dərsləri effektiv öyrədir, səbrli yanaşması ilə ingilis dilinin danışıq və qrammatik qaydalarına dərindən yiyələnməyimizə kömək edir. Hazırladığı özünəməxsus tədris materialları ilə günün nəbzini tutur və praktiki tapşırıqlarla tələbəni yormadan dərsləri aparır. İngilis dilini həm əyləncəli, həm də əsl Böyük Britaniya aksenti ilə öyrənmək istəyənlər üçün İntizar doğru ünvandır. İngilis dilini öyrənməyə həvəsli olan hər kəsə onu şiddətlə tövsiyə edirəm.
Mirsəriyyə Ağalarova
İqtisadiyyat Nazirliyi yanında Əmlak Məsələləri Dövlət Xidməti
I met the teacher İntizar in 2019 at one of the English language courses. I was in her group. It was the PRE-IELTS group. In a short time, we became like a family on the warm occasion of Mrs. Intizar. She not only teaches knowledge, but also knows how to listen, understands you and chooses the appropriate teaching method. Although a lot of time has passed, we as group members still communicate with each other during the holidays.
Sarkhan Aghayev
State official in the field of education
When i first came to your classes, i did not know anything and i was too extited to start. With your classes, i learned too quickly and it happend in a short period of time. I became a good learner and talked in english the best in my class. The thing that i liked about your classes was the essays. I liked to write about my thoughts. And we learned a bunch of grammars which helped me to increase my level. Your british accent made me love Britain and have a goal. Even if we separate from each other, i will still go for my goal. This year i got my first gold medal in a national english compatition called FISO. Thanks for all! My dear teacher!
Safura Mammadyarova
We met Intizar Mehdi in 2019. During our first lesson, there were three things that caught my attention , she was always smiling, had really clear British accent and her amazing curly hairs, I enthused. Even though I couldn’t understand her accent at first, It was getting clear to understand everything later on. She always said “You should not be afraid to speak, even by making mistakes, otherwise you cannot learn”. I still remember the moment when she took time for me as a friend and talked to me a lot when l was extremely stressed because of my exams. Now I am currently studying fashion in Italy, I am obligated to Intizar Mehdi! Happy to know you
Elvira İsakh
Sapienza University - Fashion Studies
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